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The Programs
by Jens Andersson

In the sixties, Sweden went through a national building craze and in the outskirts of Stockholm, new, anonymous and functional areas quickly sprung to life. But the life out in the programs did not synchronies with the vision of the politicians in the city. Against concrete facades new music, art and other cultural expressions were played out, but also riots. Fifty years later, we are now facing a new wave of massive building projects, now in a new suit but still with the same power to affect class differences and integration.

Husby, Rinkeby, Sollentuna, Väsby, Bredäng, Skärholmen, Fittja, Solna, Rotebro are all names that quickly produce mental pictures. The streets, houses and color scales have been captured, unedited, with a pocket camera by Jens Andersson. Over the photographs, the buildings old drawings have been carefully placed by Andersson, drawings that he has dug out from the city archives and municipal offices. For the first time, the drawings now share the same space as the completed architecture, which immediately produce a sharp contrast between the hopes and anticipations then and the reality of today. At the same time the images also raises the question of what will be done different this time around.

Jens Andersson (born in 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a photographer from the street and this is where he finds his inspiration: The Stockholm skateboard scene, homeless people, fashion, and friends gloriously bbq-ing in the nude. His work has been exhibited in cities around the world – Stockholm, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles to name a few.

For more of Jens Andersson's photos, visit thejens.com

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